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09.03.07 | 2 Comments

Antenna Cover

Considering the runaway success of Cargo magazine, it was inevitable that someone would attempt another shopping magazine for men. Antenna bravely enters the arena, positioned as the shopper for guys too hip for shoppers. This shoot-and-miss targeting may seem to represent a problem—people too cool for a magazine won’t read it—but it’s actually here where the strategy turns sublime: Antenna doesn’t have to worry about whether it has readers because it has nothing to read. There are plenty of pictures and prices but no suggestions for how to use products, no comments on what items are best for what purposes and no thoughts on relative quality. The car section, for example, shows pictures of cars without getting bogged down in headroom, horsepower, transmission or any other pesky details that distract buyers from the emotional appeal. A two-page spread on Oreo Cookie spinoffs is content to show a bunch of packages. I’m sure some brand manager somewhere is very proud, but why do I care? This adds up to a read as exciting as a Sunday circular, and I get all the product-lust I want and more from other sources.

Antenna FOB

The magazine is doubtlessly stylish, and I would guess put out by editors who take Malcolm Gladwell’s first book far to seriously. But really, after paging through eight pages of pictures of sneakers or supermarket products, it doesn’t matter how attractive no contents looks—it still doesn’t add up to anything.

If Antenna wants to be a thought leader, they have to show some evidence of thinking.

Antenna Feature