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01.04.08 | Comment?


I have an article on the new Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati in the current issue of Print Magazine. My first draft of the article, which was roughly 20,000 words too long, had a brief passage on Answers Magazinealas, one of the casualties of the editing process. Answers in Genesis owns both the museum and the glossy, as well as other media concerns. While I don’t want to duplicate what I wrote in the article, I thought I’d share a few images of the magazine here.

Ostensibly a pop-science book for people who take the story of creation in Genesis literally, Answers seeks to be the Scientific American of the Bible belt. As I detail in the Print article, the techniques AiG uses would not convince an outsider, or someone who has internalized the scientific method. Scientists attempt to have as few postulates as possible, creation science (unlike Intelligent Design which is (slightly) more moored in evidence) is nothing but postulate—it never escapes its reliance on the old testament (rather than experimental or observational data) as a source of knowledge in explaining natural phenomenon. Creation science doggedly enlists or attempts to disprove facts as needed in support of a predetermined narrative.

I’ve written before about magazines that present a dichotomy between what they say and what they do. Predictably Answers is one such publication—tottering on a fine line between using and ignoring the findings of conventional science. It contains at least as much appeal to the heart as to the head. The sins of a unbelieving culture—a clear product of Darwinism in AiG’s view—is never far from the topic at hand. The result is more like a teen magazine than a scientific one—articles are designed to reassure and guide readers as they act in a world they’re not quite sure they want any part of. Science as education is not the point—texts are short, and there are few infographics or visual explanations—which doesn’t match the slick, urban, if ultimately hollow museum experience provided by The Creation Museum. Answers includes a kids version inserted into each issue.




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