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01.29.08 | 5 Comments

New York Times Magazine

I’ve been reluctant to write about Janet Froelich for fear of coming off like a freshman painting student conceding some small admiration for the work of Picasso. Her art direction of the New York Times Magazine is legendary, as well as a continuous source of inspiration to the pub. design community.

So, I won’t blubber on much. Nevertheless, I thought Sunday’s cover package was spectacular. Using a relatively restrictive vocabulary of well-worn iconography (maps, globes) She and photo illustrator Kevin Van Aelst push the language in all kinds of unexpected and innovative ways to talk about waning U.S. influence. There are a a couple of other stunning spreads in the issue as well.


The opener and a subsequent spread….


Style section, with blurry photograph by Julian Schnabel….

New York Times Magazine

…and a gentle typographical homage to art deco.

New York Times Magazine

Update: There’s been some interest in this post, particularly among international readers who don’t see The New York Times Magazine on a regular basis. So I thought I’d a share a few more pages from this same issue for those outside the states:

New York Times TOC 1

New York Times TOC 2

New York Times News Lead

New York Times News Second

New York Times On Language column

New York Times News Consumed column with Funny Pages lead

New York Times Second Feature Opener

New York Times cover story extra

New York Times News Third Feature