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Teaching with Designing Magazines


Designing Magazines was edited predominantly with the professional reader in mind. Nevertheless, many instructors of editorial and magazine design, and visual journalism will find that Designing Magazines—with it's mix of redesign case-studies, criticism, theory, and nuts-and-bolts production information—fits effectively into their curricula. This page includes resources designed to help instructors adapt the book effectively to classroom use.

Sample Syllabus—15 week.
PDF       Word File

Sample Syllabus—12 week.
PDF       Word File

Magazine Anatomy—a handout (pdf) introducing the techniques, tools, and vocabulary of publication design. 20mb file.

Tick TOC Designing a table of contents—an exercise in structuring and branding information—makes an excellent typographically oriented classroom assignment. This article introduces the topic.

Final Prep includes two strategies for preparing the final magazine for presentation.

Using Quark (or InDesign), Photoshop and Illustrator together. As software packages have grown increasingly bloated, picking the right program for the right job has become less intuitive. This PDF handout provides advice for using the three major print programs, and looks at Postscript, the code behind the page.

Controlling Color A PDF looking at color management and mechanics on the desktop. I suggest students print to their own inkjet and compare it to the color laser version I hand out in class.

First steps towards professional type A short PDF typesetting guide I use in Typography I—and give to more advanced students who are typographical late bloomers.


Other Resources:

Eight steps you can take to improve your magazine now. The web version of a talk I gave at Folio a couple of years back.

Don't just assign the book, show it.

Instructors in accredited programs can purchase a disk with all of the images in the book (plus lots of extras and bonus material) in high-resolution color. On this page is a small sampling of what’s included.

Use of the disk for slide lectures will allow for tight linkage between reading and in-class presentations, and facilitate in-depth discussion of the book’s case studies and examples. Disks are available in the United States for $40.00 post paid. Contact: jandos@jandos.com.


Articles of interest on other sites:

From AIGA Voice: an article on magazine collecting in Japan.

From AIGA Voice: my article on Monkey Magazine, the interactive glossy from Dennis.

From AIGA Voice: Steven Heller’s interview with Terry Jones, Editor/Publisher/Designer of i-D.

From AIGA Voice: Heller on Adbusters.

From AIGA Voice: Heller’s interview with Eye editor John Walters, a good companion to DM’s article on Print.

How do you rehab a landmark? AIGA Voice considers what a sensible redesign of The New Yorker would look like.
Part One         Part Two


Greg Lindsay contributed several articles to Designing Magazines. Here are a few more of his magazine profiles:

Another Magazine is a book with editorial and production departments on opposite sides of the Atlantic.



Saturday Review


Know a good magazine design article on the web? Please submit the link here.